Minimal Cost PAYG SIM for vehicle tracking?

Posted 11th Nov
Hi team, I wanted to set up an old iPhone in my work van for tracking. I have the phone but don’t have a SIM. I’m assuming a minimal cost PAYG SIM would be the way to go, it doesn’t need any minutes or text, and only a bare minimum of data.

Any suggestions? I saw the megathread on SIM deals but they all have a monthly ongoing cost.

Thank you.

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I would put a 3 PAYG SIM in it. Order it online and top it up with as much as you think you'll need. The credit never runs out as long as you use it every so often. I don't use my phone much, but have used it for GPS and bus / train timetables. I have not topped up in about two years.

3 do a free 200Mb data sim (updated free every month).…der
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+1 for the Three Data Reward SIM.

I have a few for exactly this sort of thing, as well as holidays.
Sweet. Thank you!
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