Minimum 42" probably larger (50" ?) TV and home theatre system wanted

    I'm sick of trying to get my head around the LCD versus plasma argument until I am bored to death with it and as far as I can see, some TVs are good in both formats.

    Anyway, I don't do gaming but my daughter and missus will probably want to plug the wii into it at some point so no screen burn issues would be great.

    What I do want is to have it linked to the PC somehow and bypass any need for a DVD player. I certainly don't intend to waste money on lots of discs when I can download them for free but I'm sure my daughter will need some !

    As for price ? well, for a TV only I could not see me going much over the £500/750 area but for the lot, lets say around £1000. Can I spend more ? sure, but I ain't paying £5k for a telly !

    Oh, 5 year guarantee an absolute necessity.

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    Not sure if you can still pick this package up but it does have a 5 year guarantee (as do all M&S TVs) - so even if the deal's ended you might pick something else up + you do get a free BluRay player with Phillips TVs at M&S either way…d-t
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