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Found 27th Jun 2008
I'm on Vodafone at the moment at the end of an 18 month contract - while I'm happy with the service the deals for new online customers are slightly better. I'm considering porting out to an O2 sim-free contract for one or two months then porting back to Vodafone as a new customer - what is the minimum time before I can port back to Vodafone, if they will allow it?

I have been offered two deals in store which so far are much better than online or on the phone although still a bit weak compared to the online tariffs - basically I can have 500 minutes, 100 texts and the internet for either 40 pounds a month, 12 month contract and 250 pounds credit or 35 pounds a month, 18 month contract, 100 pounds credit and a Nokia E51. One of the online tariffs is discounted my 10 pounds a month which means it would cost 30 pounds a month for a handset, 600 minutes, unlimited texts and internet although if the E51 i s only a fiver off then that would mean it would be very close - 100 more minutes and more texts (don't text that much admittedly) but no 100 pound back.

Thanks for any advice,

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You dont have to do that you can just get a new vodaphone contract straight away. You can have as many accounts with the same provider as you want. But if you phone vodaphone and explain you can get a better deal they might match it. If not cancel it and start a new one straight away. No point having the hassle of getting one with o2 then having to cancel it etc. Hope that helps.

just tell them what you want and they will match it.
They get desperate at the end of contracts.
Even better, find a good deal on another network and they will up their offer. Orange do that regularly.

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Vodafone online have no interest in keeping my business, I want to keep my number so the only way I can do that is to port out and back in again.

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