Minimum wagge help please

    to a cut a long story short the missus was a trainee hairdresser up untill march 2007

    (the training etc was not paid for by her employer but does this still make her an apprentice)

    i ask only because she has been getting £4.20 since she started her job
    (when minimum on the 01/10/05 was £4.25)

    so i was thinking has she been under-paid, she qualified in march 07 and since then has still been getting only £4.20 so at the very least she is surely owed from march till present £4.45/£4.60 an hour

    what im thinking is what can she do about it ,
    can her boss sack her if she went behind his back and found out how to claim the money back or even if she is entitled to it at all


    The best place for advice is your local CAB. they are really helpful on these matters. Good luck.

    If your claiming money back, your going to be claiming from your employer. They would find out.

    However, I don't think your entitled to the min. wage as your "missus" is in training. I could be completely wrong there though. How old is she?


    I take it she is aged 18-21?

    Was about to ask that question - MW is age dependant.

    The National Minimum Wage has increased again from October 2007
    The minimum wage is a legal right which covers almost all workers above compulsory school leaving age. There are different minimum wage rates for different groups of workers as follows:

    22 and over increased on 1 October 2007 to £5.52 an hour from £5.35 an hour
    18-21 year olds increased to £4.60 an hour from £4.45 an hour
    16-17 year olds increased to £3.40 an hour from £3.30 an hour

    On 1 October 2007 the rate of the accommodation offset increased to £30.10 per week (£4.30 per day) from £29.05 per week (£4.15 per day)
    It is important to note that these new rates only apply to pay reference periods beginning on or after the date they came into law.

    From 1 October 2006, the Employment Equality (Age) regulations abolished the Older Workers Development Rate and remove the age limit on the apprenticeship exemption.

    16 and 17 year olds rate
    The Government accepted the Low Pay Commission's recommendations for a new rate for 16 and 17 year olds (above compulsory school leaving age)* in their 2004 report.

    £3.00 per hour from 1 October 2004. This increased to £3.30 in October 2006 and £3.40 on 1 October 2007.

    NB: 16 and 17 year old apprentices are exempt from the young workers rate.

    Also, this document has more info on the minimum wage…pdf

    You may also find this calculator useful (though it will only tell you what you are presently entitled to)…php


    my GF is a trainee hairdresser she get's paid £250 a week


    third time lucky? how old is she? and she works 60 hours per week according to your figure of £250 per weeksat £4.20 per hour. I take it that is the gross income before tax/ni etc.
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