Minimus 32 Dev Board - Best One To Get ??

    Following advice from thesaint and others on having 2 PS3s here with knackered BD drives im now looking at getting a USB stick. Have been looking at the range and modtraders are doing the Minimus32 which looks great, but there are other cheaper options and would they pretty much be the same? Any advice coz its unknown territory.


    I have the AVR one. I chose to go for one with a proper USB port to keep things neat and tidy.

    Doddle to set up the board but I struggled with loading the games from a HD... anyway, I managed to get them onto the internal HD and it works fine now.

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    May need to pick your brains when i get it then m8 if thats ok ;-)

    I take it they dont come pre setup and you have to load all the relevant stuff on it - loader etc ??

    they're not pre-loaded but tons of resources available.

    basically u program the chip with the Atmel FLIP Software Drivers:…886

    and the firmware which you can download from psgroove website.

    then, put the backup manager onto a HD which IS COMPATIBLE WITH THE PS3 (i made the mistake and spent ages trying to figure out why it wasnt reading!)

    boot up, install the backup manager - done!
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