Mini/remote control helicopter

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Found 27th Dec 2007

I wanted one for christmas, but i was not lucky enough to get one. So i want to treat myself!!

Can anybody recommend one? I have heard good reviews about the pico z (i think thats right)

If anybody could also tell me if they have seen any deals on these remote control helicopters, that would be brill

Thanks in advance


They are really cheap at [url]www.dealextreme.com[/url] and there is lots of choice.

They are shipped from Hong Kong so take 1-3 weeks to arrive though. But you can get one under £9 delivered ( you pay by paypal and it automatically converts the $ price into £ ). The exchange rate is just over $2 to £1 ( so you pay about half the listed dollar price)

Don't expect any of them to last very long though. Build quality on all of them is patchy. I had one from dealextreme andit lasted two days before a crash caused irrepairable damage ( broke the link between rotor blades and top balance arm).
My sister bought 2 of the Picoz models and they are not any better. One of the handsets/chargers is not working properly already ( after one day).
They are great fun while they last though.

try aria.co.uk, i bought one from there for 19.99 and its brill, took it to the local park it flys like a dream, bigger than it looks in picture well worth it very sturdy, had few crash landings nothing broke well pleased with it

bought my pico from firebox for about £30 less a £5 voucher about 18 months ago still works fine, hit lots of things and only broke 1 tail rotor, replacment was supplied in the box. all parts for this can be bought from ebay for pennies if you do screw-uo anything else. get the real pico z as some copies are around that look almost identical however are uncontrollable. top tip is to place a drawing pin in the front this gives you better forward flight, far better controll and the flight time is increased.
Hope this helps

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yea, i have just bought pico like you from firebox. But it now is 20 quid less the £5 voucher.

So not to bad really, i will follow your advice with the drawing pin. I will tell you how i get on with it when it arrives

Thanks for the help!

There is one on the main hotdeals page ,someone has just put it on .£9.99


There is one on the main hotdeals page ,someone has just put it on .£9.99

]Here's the link.
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