Ministry Of Deals Sudoku/Casino game

I noticed on the original thread lots of people received a casino game when they ordered the sudoku game and like myself are not happy about it, i have emailed MOD twice and had no reply so far, has anyone else had any luck sorting this out?
I know it was only a quid but why should they get away with dumping 100's or even 1000's of unwanted "alternative" items on us,
it looks like a real good way for them to get rid of a none/slow selling item.
Come on MOD give us our Sudoku game, our money back or at least answer my email.
Come on HotDealers, we are bargin hunters and we have been duped, dont let them get away with it,demand your money back and dont let it drop till you get it!
I for one wont be using that site again if i dont get my quid back.


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barky have a thread for this

Oh i didn't see that thread thanks. oh well this will direct people to that thread and and maybe refresh interest in this con, if MOD dont sort this out for there HDUK members then we shouldn't allow posts from them, i use HDUK to save money not to waste money on stuff i dont want.
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