Minix neo x8-h vs minix neo x7? And best prices from reputable sellers...

    Looking to buy either a minix neo x8-h or a neo x7 just wanted to collect a few opinions from people who use them.. Is the 20-30£ price difference worth it? I don't have a 4k TV so that feature will be of no use to me until I ever decide to buy one. I'm looking for opinions on

    - which performs better/faster with as minimum stutter as possible.. If at all. When opening apps etc

    - which gives true 1080p playback with zero lag or syncing issues. And performs swiftly when navigating around the likes of xbmc

    Also.. Can anybody seem to find the x8-h for sub £100 from a decent reputable seller? Cheapest I've found is 104.99 from Futeko. Would be nice to sink below 100£ for one.

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