minor car accident, been advised insurance will go 50/50 but not sure

Posted 20th Nov 2022
hi all, driving family back from London on Friday night, driving away from picadilly down St James st and the road is two lanes, inside lane has parked cars/loading bays, I think he was a uber driver (toyota prius) moved over and clipped the rear alloy/wheel arch and scuffed the rear bumper.

I've managed to polish most of the paint transfer out of my car Saturday on the paintwork and alloy wheel but its left a small crease/dent in the rear arch, and there are some deeper scratches on the alloy.

After stopping further down the road he said i was at fault and he was calling the police, i started filming the scene and cars/damage and you can hear me saying just swap details nobody is hurt let the insurance sort it, and he keeps saying no, no, wait for the police. to be honest i wasn't sure he was calling the police and Friday night in London the chances of them arriving to a minor car accident was going to be slim, I asked over and over to swap details and he said no, you wait here. I said i have your vehicle reg and Ihave footage from the dashcam so i will just speak to my insurance company.
I reported the accident first thing to the police on Saturday morning, and I've also filled out a form for the insurance company and stated unsure whether i will claim.

my excess is a total of £350.00

other driver was the red arrow and im the blue X


i have rear Dashcam, front one I'm struggling to get the footage off the sd card, i think the sd card is corrupt which is great, although i can see mov files on there.


rear dashcam footage

I guess the question is, at best it will go as a 50/50 as they will say i should have anticipated the uber driver coming across as he had parked cars in his lane. I'm not a regular driver in London so was not aware of the road layout too well.
Any help or advice, first accident in 20years of driving.

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