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My wife has been pre diagnosed over the phone with an underactive thyroid and some hormone problems after coming off the Pill which can hide the symptoms, has anyone else experienced this?

She's had blood tests before that were normal, but this one has come back with 4 hormones that are all over the place. She's been called in to the doctors for Monday, obviously I'll be going with her, but we're both now pretty cut up as we were trying for a baby.

It has been 3 months since she came off the pill


Not a medical person but in my own experience coming off the pill throws your hormones into turmoil and it can take some months to get back to normal.

If you've only been trying for 3 months i'd try not to panic as i know people without complications that had to try for the best part of 2 years to conceive.

Good luck with it all.

Lots of women have underactive thyroid glands or even thyroids that don't work at all (like mine).
Treatment is by taking thyroxine. It isn't a massive problem during pregnancy although for the first 12 weeks it's important to take the right amount of thyroxine and blood levels need to be monitored.

The doc will explain!!

Plenty of info available including this
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yeah my ex came off the pill and then was diagnosed with an under active thyroid. she started taking some medication i think it's called thyroxine or something. last time i saw her she looked fine. but she did say she was really ill. i didn't want to go into details with her cause she goes on and on but she looked fine.

good luck with conceiving.

Hi , I have suffered with an underactive thyroid for many years.I take 200mg of levotyroxine everyday and want to reasure you that once i was diginosed i soon started to feel much better. It may take a few months to get your dose correct but once it settles on the correct levels you will feel pretty much back to normal. I also say i have four healthy children and so longs as your levels are closely watched during your pregnacy you should be fine. I do realise everyone is different but i also have close family members who also have an underactive thyroid and they are in a similer postion to me. I have a great GP practice who are also on the ball whennit comes to my treatment. Hope you get the help and advice as this is often the key. Good luck.

i have underactive thyroid also and its not a bigthing as long as you keep on the meds. they will prob put her on thyroxine tablets (which are free for life no need to pay prescription charges) i was taking these when i had my 2 little ones and i had to have extra blood tests done every fortnight just to keep tabs on the thyroid levels then had blood tests every 3 months for about a year after baby was born to again make sure everything went back to normal. plus when i had scans i had to talk to a doc afterwards just to talk to you abt what can happen to your levels during pregnancy. If you are trying to concieve ivillage is a very good website with some really friendly people in the same boat as you, i found them really helpful when i was trying for my first and it can really help to have someone else to talk with each month. maybe you could try ovulation tests or taking your BBT (base body temp) to check if you are ovulating again yet after stopping the pill. anyway good luck.

I have an underactive thyroid, to be honest it's not a big thing, I just take two tablets once a day and nothing else.
Blood tests every once in a while, free prescriptions for as long as you take the thyroxine (for everything not just thyroid probs). My tablets are called Levothyroxine, 1x 100mcgs and 1x 25mcgs, they don't have to be kept in the fridge and aren't a nuisance at all.

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Thank you ever so much people, obviously I won't tell her I asked on here or I'll be for the butcher block but you've really put my mind at rest and I will be reassuring her lots. Will look into the ivillage forum cheers.
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