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    hi everyone.

    after a bit of help with paypal.

    i have been selling and buying on ebay for a bit now, first time this week an item got lost in the post so i need to refund the buyer and follow up with royal mail.

    problem is i can't add funds to my account via my credit card it won't let me ?? aparently i have to use my bank account? which i can't add cos my mrs has our bank details on her account?

    i need to get money to my account from my card, anyone now how to do it?


    if you got a proof of posting from the Post Office (no extra cost) you'll be able to claim some money back. Have a nosey on their website

    Not saying your person is the same but something went missing in the post, when I emailed the buyer the post office forms they said they couldnt be bothered to fill in the form and it amazingly turned up the following day!

    I once needed money in my Paypal account to refund someone. A friend just paid money in to my Paypal account by Paypal gift. I then refunded my buyer and gave cash to my friend. It also takes about 3 days to move money from your bank account to your Paypal account.


    get the mrs to paypal gift you, then refund the buyer, sorted

    Original Poster

    nice one never thought of that cheers!!!!
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