Misco Dongle - alternative sent - any good??

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Found 16th Mar 2011
I ordered one of the misco 4gb dongle the other day but they have sent an integral ultra light 4gb usb key with a note saying they ran out.

Is this better???

Also it worked first time in my pc but i couldnt get it to seem to register in my net book. is there a trick with these things???

Never seen one like this before - more like an SD card!


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Probably got a better deal to be honest.

From integrals site:

When you plug the device into the USB sockets of you PC make sure that … When you plug the device into the USB sockets of you PC make sure that the contacts are matched up so that the device is plugged in the correct way. If the Integral USB is not recognised, turn it 180º, so it is the other way around in the socket.

try in another usb port in netbook, does anything work in your netbook that is usb got anything else you could try.

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that usb drive works fine with another dongle. maybe it was backwards or not alligned. will try again later. Thanks
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