Found 1st Jan 2009
Hello everyone,

Remember when Tesco ent were selling L4D2 for £15?

I had my order canceled and the person in customer service claimed that because they had not taken any money they could cancel the order.

However they did actually take the money (it's on my statement).

Would they uphold the deal if i kick up a fuss?



Doubtful - T&C's normally cover all eventualities these days. If you had paid by credit Card you could try and get them to chase it perhaps?

Worth a try i suppose :thumbsup:

Nothing much you can do really. If you have a read of the last few pages ]HERE, you will find that many people have tried and got nowhere. If they have refunded you the money then there aint much you can do really. ;-)

Don't waste your time. Most companies have Terms and Conditions that protect themselves if a misprice or other error occurs.
It's only in the event of the buyer actually receiving the goods that the company can do nothing about.
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