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    Three friends manager into a hotel for the night and the manager tells them the bill is £30, payable in advance. So, they each pay the clerk £10 and go to their room.
    A few minutes later, the manager realises he has made an error and overcharged the trio by £5. He asks an assistant to return £5 to the 3 friends who had just checked in. The assistant sees this as an opportunity to make £2 as he reasons that the three friends would have a tough time dividing £5 evenly among them; so he decides to tell them that the manager made a mistake of only £3, giving a £1 back to each of the friends. He pockets the leftover £2 and goes home for the day! Now, each of the three friends gets a £1 back, thus they each paid £9 for the room which is a total of £27 for the night. We know the assistant pocketed £2 and adding that to the £27, you get £29, not £30 which was originally spent. Where did the other £1 go?


    your mistake is to add the £2 to the £27, when in fact you should take it away from the £27.
    The three friends paid £27, of which the assistant takes £2, leaving £25 for the hotel

    But you probably knew that

    Look at PapaSmurf's post (previous) because this one was rubbish!!!! :oops:

    You explained it in a much easier way than I did, PapaSmurf. :-D

    they paid 30 manager gave 5 back = £25
    assistant took 2 trio took 3 = £30
    trio paid £27 but assistant took some of that £27

    they got a cheap stay!

    Ok, I can't figure it out. I mean, if you look at it exactly as stated, the math comes out wrong. And I cannot find a flaw in the it me? or should I chuck the math book in the bin.

    the missing £1 is with the three friends because they all chipped in 1/3 to make the £1 that cannot be divided to make the payment for the room


    Did the assistant get sacked for theft?


    Did the assistant get sacked for theft?

    I heard that someone lost their job on the Misc forum :whistling:
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