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My daughters cat has gone missing, its been about 2 weeks now. She just had kittens and we'd given them away (after 8 weeks) and after a week, the mum has gone missing. She was a stray and daughter took her in. We think she'd just had some kittens then too.

Question is, do cats go missing sometimes after having their kittens, i think she may have gone looking for them and is lost. Don't know much about cats myself,


One of my old cats did the same. Never came back. We thought maybe she had got in someones car as she was so friendly but never came home. Others of my cats have had kittens and not done this though. Hope you find her.

it might be worthwhile putting a few 'lost cat ' posters round your area

ans contact your local rspca - they have lost and found

hope you find her

have you called the local cat rescue in your area ?
Good luck

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have put posters up, didnt think of contacting rspca and cat rescue, will do that tomorrow, thanks.


Hope you find her. :thumbsup:

try the local vets as well as they will have records of any cats brought in or that they have been contacted about.

We lost one of our mutts for an hour on Friday and I was beside myself, cant imagine what your daughter is going through. Hope you get her back safe and sound xx

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Daughters quite upset about it, it's the not knowing whats happened thats the worst, yes will call vets too, hope someones found her and she's being looked after

I've just lost one of my cats; he went missing for a few days and then we found him at the bottom of our garage stone cold. Horrible feeling - he was a fantastic cat.

Have you checked sheds? Green houses? I personally would get some signs up. Use illuminated paper so it stands out.

When one of my cats had kittens, we sold them and then she was meowing a lot outside (we presumed she was calling them) so maybe shes gone on a hunt for them, they are their kids after all. She may have gone to far she cant find her way back.

Good luck, I hope you find the cat

Sorry to hear that your cat is missing, if the little terror does come back might i suggest you invest in a locator it fits to a collar and has a range of about 800 ft and has proved invaluable to us as one of ours goes walkabout for up tp 7 or 8 days at a time and we have found her many times thanks to this piece of technology. you can get them from amazon. Good luck and don't give up hope.

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When we got her (she was a stray), she had just finished nursing her first lot of kittens, think she must of got lost or something then too, she was so skinny and scrawny must of been missing for a long while, think she must of done the same thing again this time, gone out to look for them and is now lost.

mikebike, will definately do something to make sure she doesnt stray too far next time, thanks for the tip.

Anyone know if we can put posters on lamp posts? Is it allowed? Or breaking the law?

This sometimes happens when kittens are taken away too early...especially with city cats. Usually staggering the re-homing of kittens will make it easier on them all and my vet suggests 10 weeks minimum before allowing them to be taken away from mum cat.

Hope you find her...if you do please get her neutered x

Put up as many posters as you like, it's more important that you do everything you can to find the cat than worrying about the legalities. Also have a word with the postman and paper boy and if you have photo's you can give copies to them as well to have a look and spread the word to all the locality.

Nadss any news on the cat yet?
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