missing deals? Laptop table & mag subscription.

Found 8th Feb 2010
Hi, Not sure if this should be in deal requests? please move if required.
Last night i was on here and saw a deal for a white laptop table? cant find it now??
think it was tescos?
Also, there was an offer where you could sign up for various magazines in digital form,included penthouse etc (is that why it disappeared?)
Thats not the mag i was after btw.Also included 'elevator world'. Im sure i signed up via my phone last nt for a mag, and just wanted to see what else i could choose from,but cant find it anymore.
Not even an acknowledgement in my inbox.?
Please tell me i'm not dreaming about HUKD.& giving out email details in my sleep.
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Just found laptop table on tescos site.......sorry this product has been discontinued.
you need to include expired ]https//ww…to-

saw the mag one, will have a look
cant find the mag one, its over a year old if I remember right and got bumped yesterday
Thanks Michellelemoo,
Apparently i have to 'spread some rep around' before i can give you any.
Last time i tried that i got a 24/48 hr ban on repping folks,lol.
I did manage to subscribe to a 'mens health' type mag last nt,but was surprised to find not even an acknowledgement in my inbox.
If the offer was for a free 12 month sub,perhaps its finished already?
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