Missing Leapster 2 post


    Does anybody know where the Littlewoods Direct Leapster 2 post has gone. It was posted about 1 week ago. I ordered one, and even though I used a new customer £15 discount voucher, they have still charged me £28.95.

    Wondered if anybody else had experienced this.




    It's been expired as the online price now appears to be £50

    ]http//ww…819 :thumbsup:

    I Was Looking For The Post Too. Have You Been Charged Yet???? I Haven't Got Mine Yet. On The Account It Says £28 But On The Email Confirmation Its £13.95 Thats What It Said When I Put In Credit Card Details. Have You Had Yours??? Has Anyone?????

    Ditto above, I too had confirmation of lower price but recieved this today

    "Thanks for your email.

    Your order of a leapster 2 in green was at a special price of £25.00 plus a delivery charge. The code that you used zg9990 is only offered to customers ordering with Littlewoods not Littlewoods Direct.

    I am sorry for any misunderstanding.

    Kind Regards

    Susan Moore"

    Online Customer Services :

    Any advice any one?

    I got mine and they charged me £28.98 on my bank statement then above that they had credit £15.00 back to my account. I ordered one in pink, so don't know why it didn't work for others??

    the same happend to me n a few friends...was charged full amount but on delivery they refunded back the £15.00 voucher


    my delivery slip says mine is from littlewoods direct.....i rang them up today as i recieved it and they said that on saturday they put through 1 £15 refund and it should be in my account over the next few long as you were a new customer and used the ZG...... code then you should get the shouyldn't matter that its from littlewoods direct

    mine was a green leapster and was from littlewoods direct???? so not sure why its only working for some as 4 other ppl in my family have orderd the same and also got the discount n one of them was not a first time customer ...

    Hi, just to add, we ordered 2 leapsters under 2 names to the same address using the ZG999 code. BIzarrely I had a payment of £28.95 taken from my account and when I emailed to question it they confirmed that the code was valid for everyone and that I would get the refund when I received my order... I wasn't convinced by this and it arrived yesterday but sure enough today I have received the £15 refund.

    On the second order for my friend but using all the same details except name I had nothing taken from my bank until today but again they took the total and refunded the voucher amount.

    We ordered one from Littlewoods direct and one from Additions direct but essentially the same place..
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