Missing post - Please help!

    Basically ordered 3 items from

    1 of the items arrived 3 days later (On the 3rd July)

    The other items which were posted the same day have still not arrived.

    I phoned play and they said i have to wait 21 days before they can send out the parcels again and it is up to Royal Mail if anything is missing at the moment.

    Can i phone a Royal Mail? If so is there a freephone number?
    Or do i just have to wait it out?


    try calling you local sorting office to see if anything is being held there, but if not I don't think RM consider an item as being lost until at least 14 days after posting.

    You can send them an email…716

    or visit your local collection office

    Not worth phoning them unless they were sent via a trackable method.

    Only thing you can do is contact your local sorting office and see if they have anything there for you and forgot to leave a cad.

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    Thanks any idea where i can fidn the sunderland sorting office phone number?


    Thanks any idea where i can fidn the sunderland sorting office phone … Thanks any idea where i can fidn the sunderland sorting office phone number?

    Unless you have an old card around with the number then phone Royal Mail CS and they'll put you through

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    Thanks may sound like a stupid question but is the sorting office the same place as where you collect items if they are posted but you aint in, and get that little red card?


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    Thanks + rep

    They dont seem to answer their phone :*(


    Thanks + repThey dont seem to answer their phone :*(


    Keep trying......chances are they are serving someone at the desk.

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    Or they avoiding so by this

    Doesn't help i just came out of hospital after having an op and wanted these things to watch/play so i had stuff to do

    Always the same. :-(

    Hope you make a speedy recovery and feel back on form soon.

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    Thanks, im sure i will feel better when im playing top spin and wathcing the 4400

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    Well i wouldnt be as bothered if one parcel ordered and posted on the same day as others hadnt arrived 3 days after it was posted.
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