Missing Toshiba Satellite screws?

Found 22nd Dec 2014
Ok so a screw fell out of my laptop and I don't know where it is. The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite P750-135 PSAY3E. All the screws have an F8 next to them. The screw is 5 mm in diameter and 8mm in length. Anyone know what size it is?
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My Toshiba Satellite P200 is missing loads of screws, as ive taken it apart that many times. I wouldn't worry about it personally.
I'm not particularly worried about it but it creaks so I'd like fix it if I can.
Ah ok, you will find it is likely to be an M3x8mm (Fine Thread)
There is a slim chance its an M2.5x8mm - im not at home right now so cant tell for sure.

Measure the diameter of the actual screw (not the head) to get the first part - but its definitely 8mm in length.
I actually believe THESE may be allong the right lines
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