Mission impossible? Sub £600 Gaming laptop?

Posted 27th Nov 2022 (Posted 49 m ago)
Morning all,

My little bro has tasked me with finding a laptop suitable for playing games like fortnight, minecraft without lagging.

He would prefer it to come from
Amazon, Argos or PC World

Send me your suggestions please

Thanks in advance!!
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    I was scrolling on Lenovo's website, this came out: https://www.lenovo.com/gb/en/p/laptops/ideapad/ideapad-gaming-laptops/ideapad-gaming-3i-gen-6-(15-inch-intel)/82k10131uk

    Don't know if enough but probably not far. HP victus wasn't costing much more with better GPU TDP and possibly other recent deals...have a look around
    or maybe this which has the 3050ti which should be somewhat better
    though really depends on how much power can be given to the GPU which is on a laptop by laptop basis so need to research that. i'm not really a laptop person but i see the rants on hardware unboxed about nvidia's often misleading labels which don't properly compare specs across desktop vs laptop and within laptops

    you want one with upgradable ram and another 8gb stick ideally though fortnite and minecraft should be fine!
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