Mississippi mud pie!

    anyone remember the mississippi mud pie?

    Must be my favourite yoghurt of all time , but i cant find it anywhere these days. anyone know whats happened to them??



    Mmmm....tesco do a mississipi mud pie if its what I'm thinking of Check it on their site..

    making it is pretty easy too

    love grasshopper pie too

    Original Poster Banned

    lol na it was a muller corner yoghurt.

    I remember them, im sure they still do them as i had one a few months ago.

    got some in the fridge just now got 'em in ASDA


    I was re-searching this online and was directed here. I heard they have bought them back again! People are saying they have found them in Asda, Morrisons or Sainsbury... I hope its true!
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