Found 14th Feb 2010
Was just reading this article about Dubai, do you think this sentence is a mistake by any chance 'a 40% haircut is potentially larger than what people were expecting'…stm

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If you google the sentence all the news sites are quoting he said it so i guess not.

Nope, it`s a financial term ]http//en…ce)

Though, I did have to Google it to find that out. :whistling:

I think "haircut" is some term used for valuation of a debt or summit. Google it and it should tell you.


i think if dubai gets away with 40 percent, they will be lucky

its built on large world corporations tax evasion, and their executives need to live somewhere fancy and expensive. soon as there is a crunch, it all falls apart. Dubai has nothing really of substance


i'm lost



i'm lost

it says your in West Midlands

hope that helps! :thumbsup:
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