Mistakes do happen

    Made a listing today where one i listed all my stuff together then was kindly informed by one member i can relist items i listed already. So i reported it for them items to be removed. As i made a mistake one of the forum helpers took care of the situation but the few minutes later mod comes and throws the full rule book even the items i had listed previously have can't be listed again for 1 week just typical when i needed the cash something has to go **** up.

    Why they couldn't see i made a mistake i even reported it straight away.

    Really am disappointed with the outcome of this. Trigger happy mods all over on this site.

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    ronaldo121, you have had an active two year trade record on HUKD and a trade history that should have already made you very aware of the trade forum rules. These same rules equally apply to all members - four active threads being bumped is unfair on other traders and it is your responsibility to ensure that any listing complies with forum rules.

    Managing your threads.

    It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that they lock threads … It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that they lock threads and ensure 7 full days have elapsed from the last post should they decide to relist. Threads can be self managed via HUKD’s dedicated trading site at Members can log in using their current HUKD username and password. All posts are replicated between both sites. Any Item subject to a valuation request in Misc must be reported for closure and a full 7 days have elapsed from the date/time of the last post, prior to listing the same item in the trading forums.

    If you do want to discuss further then please use the 'Contact' route.

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