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Found 20th Nov 2014
Just had an email from babadook.com (the Australian Horror film) about their campaign to pre-order the pop up book featured in the film. Not sure if i would read it to my children as a bed time story like the Mother did in the film but may be a collectors item if limited edition.

"We need to reach a minimum of 2000 pre-orders before we can publish those books. So be sure to jump on to our link and pre-order as soon as you can, help us reach that goal"

The book costs $60USD and $20USD to ship anywhere in the World so a total of $80USD (approx £51).

Just thought i'd pass on the email for those who may have seen the film and was interested! There is 60 days left to reach the target of 2000.

Link to the webpage in the comments box
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Plus vat, plus post office fee, will put that up to £70ish.

Forgot to take customs into consideration!
Suppose price is no option to some people especially with limited horror memorabilia
Customs used to let printed media like books and photographs through without charge. I'd check to see if that's still the case.
Good point, well made. Books are zero rated for vat.

Good point, well made. Books are zero rated for vat.

So would there be any import charges? I've emailed them to find out
Just received email back and it reads like this;

"Yes we'll add that it is for cultural purposes only - or similar. There should not be an add'l import tax.

Best regards

The Babadook Team"

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