Mister Spex Fake or Original glasses?

Posted 14th Mar 2016
Hi I'v come across the site Mister Spex for some gucci glasses. It seems good with the prices much competitive then highstreet. I also read the reviews on google but still not sure if fake or original ? any experience anyone ?
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    Seems legit. They have a store in Berlin and outlets in France and a UK distribution network.
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    FAKE! I just had my order delivered and while the packaging is genuine, it had been tampered with. Once I opened I could see why - the glasses were complete fakes. Not even Oakley written on them. If you check some TrustPilot reviews you'll see that they have a scam where they ship cheap or fake substitutions, then when you send them back the onus is on you to prove that the cheap ones are the ones they sent you - that YOU didn't substitute them. I feel sick that I have fallen for such a scam and have now purchased from a reputable source. BEWARE
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    Hello Scottysmumbles,

    we are very sorry that you had an inconvenience experience with your order. We understand your disappointment, but neverthetheless, we want to point out that Mister Spex is a qualified and established optician. We purchase original products only and obtain our frames from all the major manufacturers. Our brands Ray-Ban and Vogue even classified Mister Spex as one of their “Certified dealers”. Our product quality has top priority. In all our process we try our best to get positive results for our customers. That’s also why we provide free delivery, also for returns including a 30-days-money-back-guarantee. However, we are sorry again for your unpleasant experience and wish you all the best.

    Best regards
    Your Mister Spex-Team
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    I've bought pair of Oakley sunglasses recently and they are legit, I'd buy from them again?
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    Not too sure about the comment above but the glasses i'm wearing right now are from Mister Spex and they are definitely Ray-Ban frames, which were half the price of my other pair of Ray-Ban frames as purchased from a leading high street retailer here in the UK - yes i'm an idiot for not buying the first pair from Mister Spex too - i cannot praise them highly enough for the top class professional service
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    they are well known and legit, i also find surprising deals at stylespex.com simple website though.
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    Anyone bought glasses from Mister Spex recently. Looking for reviews.
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    Also just purchased a pair of SuperDry sunglasses, they just seem really cheap and fake. Not sure if its the brand. I have specs of the same brand and its definitely more attractive.
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