Mixed Martial Arts Event Worcester?

    I am led to believe there is a mixed martial arts event in Worcester / Birmingham tonight.

    I know one of the contenders but I can't find it online.

    Can anyone help me?

    Many thanks.


    Had a look on some forums I use mate - can't see anything about it.

    Only event I know of tonight is in Braehead - near Glasgow.

    LOL - just found that as well.

    Angrrr Management :lol:


    LOL - just found that as well.Angrrr Management :lol:

    lol there quite big in uk mma, not a fan of the nam thoooooooooooo

    Original Poster

    Fantastic just found my mate too:

    Antanas Jazbutis

    He asked me to go watch him but with family etc it was not possible.
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