Mixer type soundcard for my laptop and live recording

Found 9th Nov 2008

I'm after a sound mixer for my laptop. The idea basically is to get a mixer to enable me to record and mix music whilst also using it as a soundcard.

He suggested I buy the following. Now I plan upon only connecting my SM58 Shure microphone and the feed from my guitar amp. I'd them plan using multitrack software like cool edit pro to combine these tracks with drums and bass guitar.


I'm just wondering whether what he suggested was overkill. I'd plan upon using the mixer as a soundcard aswell.

As you can probably tell, I am no expert on these matters.
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Depends what you want. ]This and ]this might work depending on what you want to do with it.
Thanks I appreciate your reply. I think you've got the wrong end of the stick though. I'm looking for hardware not software.

The product I linked to comes with cubase anyway.
Could you pleaes move this thread to the 'deal requests' bit?


Could you pleaes move this thread to the 'deal requests' bit?Cheers

Done, thanks :thumbsup:
think its this you need my f inlaw got one works well

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS PCMCIA

fleebay has em for around £58new or look around makesure if secondhand it has the cd

Hmm I've been told by many people that you should never buy Creative cards if you are serious about making music. And unfortunately newer laptops don't have PCMCIA.

Thanks for tinfo though. I think some of my mates are just abit snobby.
The one your friend recommended will do the job nicely. Basically it all boils down to whether you want to be able to record multiple things on to seperate tracks simultaneously (i.e. record one take of a band but have seperate audio files for each track). If you're not fussed about that - which it sounds like you're not - then all you need is a stereo input.

The other option is to just buy a good quality soundcard with stereo in/stereo out (you can't go far wrong with M-Audio for cheap-ish pro-audio gear) and find a small second hand mixer (something like a Behringer or Soundcraft) - there will be loads of these on eBay now that so many people are moving to software. This way the mixer will provide the mic inputs, gain control and allow you to mix your levels, then you can record the output of the mixer into the soundcard as a stereo .wav file into whatever recording software you are using.

Check out places like Digital Village for good prices. Have fun!
Oh and the people that told you to steer clear of Creative Labs stuff are talking sense (at least in my opinion) - they are kind of a "jack of all trades" and as such are great if you also want to use it for a home cinema setup or gaming as well as a bit of music from time to time, but if want it to be a studio workhorse then your money is better spent on a more specialist card. M-Audio, Echo, Edirol, E-MU...any of these companies will offer something that will do the trick.
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