Mixing a selection of song choruses together

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Found 23rd Sep 2016
My daughter wants to enter the village talent show.

However there aren't many songs that she knows all the words to, so she has decided that she wants to do a selection of choruses from pop songs that she knows.

She has asked me to put them together into one track.

I have got audacity and have chopped the bits up that she wants, but am struggling to actually put them together as there often isn't any overlap so I can't just use the crossfade function.

As I say it is only a child's talent show entry in a village talent show so doesn't need to be professional quality!

Any ideas?

I was wondering if there was any stock sort of sound I could put between them, so that each break was the same, this would give them a few seconds to get ready for the next part and would provide something to crossfade into?

Any thoughts would be appreciated as I don't really know what I'm doing!

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I know something slightly different but how about the below. Always same 4 chords so they never really need to work that much about timings. Check the channel also for some more ideas maybe for them. You could always have those same 4 cords playing throughout but faded into the background and then bring out of the fade between each of the choruses for them and that might sound fine.

Youtube - Axis of Awesome

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