Mixing power and ethernet and interference

Posted 26th Jan 2021
Probably a question for sparky types

I have a garden office that's approx 35 metres from the back of our house. I had power installed in there a few years ago by a sparky when our house was rewired.

I had to dig a trench from the house to the garden building and the sparky laid an external cable in and wired it up. After he finished I placed a 50mm duct in the trench and fed ethernet in and linked the ethernet back to the house so I have 2 external grade CAT6 cables in the duct.

I now want to add power to a workshop that's in between the house and the garden building so wondered whether I need to dig a new trench or can I use the duct I installed and then when it reaches the workshop I pop the cable out the side and then get a sparky to do their magic?

Am I going to get interference from running ethernet and power in the same 50mm duct or do I need to dig a new 18" deep trench to keep power and ethernet apart?

Father-in-law (retired old school sparky) says I need a new trench but I've worked in data centres where power and ethernet cross in racks with no issues.

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