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is it bad to match 16gb stick and a 8gb of crucial ram . its ddr4 btw.

does it run slower if both ram sticks are 2133mhz ?

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I believe that the RAM will go as fast as the slowest MHZ stick, if that makes sense. The quickest I think is 3400Mhz now? But I have read that there is not a huge amount of noticeable difference between the "newer" +3000Mhz RAM and the standard 2400Mhz. Probably more of a future proof thing to have the higher speed RAM. With the addition of the new 7th Generation CPUs you may find they make more use of the quicker RAM.

You should also try to pair the RAM sticks as they will run in dual channel mode, which is faster (i.e 2 x 8Gb, or if you are filling all 4, go 4 x 8gb). Single is ok but you lose the advantage of dual channel mode then. The sticks should be of the same size and speed. Probably best to stick to the same make/model of RAM as well just to avoid any compatability issues.

I dont think its a good idea to have a 16Gb stick and 8Gb stick on the motherboard I am not sure that would run very well, if at all. Just go for the 16Gb stick for now.

In short it is always best to match sticks at least the brand, model and timings. If you mix two different sticks the speed of both will be limited to the slowest. If using two different sticks they will not run in dual channel mode and thus using 2 different sticks would be single channel speeds as if using just 1 stick. For best performance on DDR4 it is best to use 2 or 4 matched sticks, or with DDR3 it is best to just use 2 matched sticks.

Memory management is pretty good now unlike the past where your PC wouldn't boot with one dimm of edo or crash if your memory wasn't sold as a matched pair due to spec differences. Each slot is individually managed and reads the specs stored on the dimm.

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still confused

Ok to be on the safe side, make sure if you are using more than one RAM stick that they are the same make and model. And if using more than one stick, use either 2 or 4 (of the same make and model) to make use of the dual channel feature (which makes the RAM faster to access).

Of course, you have to make sure the RAM is compatible with your motherboard. I think Kingston do a compatability checker on their website where you can select the motherboard and it will tell you which RAM works with it. Probably other RAM manufacturers have similar checkers but you would need to check their websites.

There are alternatives to this, but can be quite complicated, so if you stick to this rule you shouldn't go too wrong.
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