MKV files on Xbox

    hi i have a few HD movies on my hard drive and was wondering how i can get them to play on my xbox through the HD. im no expert and searches online are a little confusing and involve all sorts of converting and decoding etc. so im looking for a simple easy way to get the full HD on xbox.
    thanks in advance


    I found converting to MP4 did the trick
    im 98% sure the 360 can't play MKV files.

    Original Poster

    yeah iv found they dont it either doesnt show up or i get an error code.

    Best option would be to convert the files using a file converter and then stick them on a USB or HDD and play them.
    Or you might be able to find a program which will be able to convert the files on the fly and stream them through your Xbox.

    I found it easier to convert them before hand, as its alot easier and less messing about.

    I used Gotsent to convert the files, its pretty straight forward, but It probley will split the HD footage up into 2 parts, as the 360 will only play up to 2gb (i think) files.
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