M&M Gadgets - Has anybody ever ordered anything from them?

    There is a company called "M&M Gadgets" that often takes out full page ads in "Top Gear" magazine offering all sorts of gadgets (e.g. Wii, PS3, iphones, mobile phones, sat navs, laptops, etc) at what appear to be very good prices.

    I've tried to find out information about this company before I order anything but have been unable to find out anything. They don't have a website (only a phone number and an email address). Googling the name comes up with nothing; neither does a search of the companies house website.

    I contacted them by email to find out about an item I was interested in and got a quick reply back. Payment for the item would be by bank transfer into a UK bank - needless to say, this concerns me as I can't find any other information about them

    Does anybody know anything about this company? Has anybody successfully ordered (& received) from them?


    Never heard of them but worth calling "Top Gear" magazine' who should be able to provide you with much of the info if they are a regular advertiser of theirs eg: full trading name, address, registered number if a UK based company , full contact details etc etc. If Top Gear magazine cannot or will not give such basic info to their readers or some assurances that the Company is a member of a recognised trade association then I would be inclined to ignore such offers

    I have also seen them advertised in other magazines and when i rang them up they said they had wii's in stock..for 159? Seemed unbelievable as they were going on ebay for 200+

    I would recommend any purchases you make to be on a credit card as you are covered by the VISA guarantee.
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