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Evening all. Might be a question for Mods etc but if others know please say. I'm just wondering if a deal from the site MMOGA would be accepted on here? Are they a reputable site? Are they banned? Any info greatly appreciated
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Hi @thewrecker7477
They are non UK based so they wouldn't be allowed.
We do however allow some non UK merchants, as I am sure you've seen. These are allowed at Admin approval. So, you could contact Admin…act with a request, providing as much information and feedback as possible.
Thanks very much @andywedge
Bought steam keys off there ebay account in the past with no issues. From a standpoint of are they reputable then yes. Would I want them added to the allowed vendors list... Well no.
People moan enough about game deals on here without a Hong Kong based virtual game provider filling the pages. If you find a game at a good price enjoy.
If there is an "ask" from people wanting a good price on a game then add a link. But don't post it as a deal.

Just my 2p worth.
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