mnms dark chocolate

    50 dark movies hidden in a painting, how many can you find?
    (can you tell im trying to waste time?)…jsp clicky


    Did this before, got around 20.

    Original Poster

    i got all 50, with some help

    That's quite difficult!

    I dont watch many horror films so I would be useless at that! I like the psychological scary ones, like flightplan, the others, hide and seek, the forgotten etc. Dark water is good too.

    Not really into all the blood and guts stuff

    7 :-|

    17 in 08:30. I'll be going back to this one with a clear head

    I got 4!!!!! :?

    Think I need to watch more Horror - or eat more chocolate! ! ! :whistling:

    Mmmm - choc!


    I got 10 and now I'm stuck

    Original Poster

    I think I watch too many horror films....
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