hi does anyone know if there are any mobile phone deals my son is 18 next week and needs a new 1 thanks


    yeah try this £8.50 per month virgin one, it's pretty good value and you get a very good quality free phone. It's contract though so if you're paying it for the kid, make sure they know how much the limits are and what numbers they can't call without being additionally charged, like 0870 no's. You can also increase the limits if your feeling generous. But the benefit is, you get the itemised bill and can see exactly what the kid is calling (especially if there are any probs)

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    no I want him to have pay as you go no contract sorry my fault


    Depends what you are after ie High end phone, free gifts etc

    Most companies offer cashback through Quidco as well if taking it out online.

    Ooops, just read the above! Seems to be some good deals on LG phones at the minute, Orange have been offering some cracking discounts on there website.

    What's your budget?

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    well you know 18 year olds want the best

    "best" is really a subjective notion. Better go to fones4u and have a look there.Once you know what you are after, you can use to benchmark the price using any promp codes floating around in HUKD and quidco if possible. Once u do your homework, ebay works out to be the cheapest option normally. Thats how I buy my mobiles normally !
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