Found 12th Dec 2006
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Have you looked at the Sony Ericsson p990i?
they do exist.... lemme take a look :geek:
Nokia N93
Nokia E70
Nokia N80
Samsung SGH-I750
Q-Tek 8310
i-Mate SP5

Here you go:http://www.sonyericsson.com/spg.jsp?...pp &pid=10336

isn't that a bit pda-like.....
The T Mobile MDA Vario I & II are two fantastic mobiles/smartphones (also known as Qtek 9100 / HTC Wizard / i-mate K-JAM / O2 XDA mini S)

MDA Vario I

MDA Vario II

Both come with QWERTY keyboard which is great for texting and the screen size means browsing is great also
put simply Diodorus-siculus, it'll cost you! how much are you willing to spend? or do you want a contract?

Talk about post count bumping


Personally, I'd recommend a Windows Mobile Device if you go for a device with Wifi etc. The iMate SP5 is good for what you want I think..
Ooo! Why not take the highest value phone/PDA you can get, sell it on, and then buy a cheaper device that you want? Phone companies rip you off so bad anyway, it's time the consumer had a little something back! I guess though, you could strike a lower line rental if you got the cheaper phone.. hmmm!!?
the xda orbit is quite nice

@Paperclip:Talk about post count bumping

i'm shocked and offended :?

i only did it as i was posting them as i found them and all the html tags etc get a bit confusing in one big post....sorry :-(
lol i was being (sort of) sarcastic, and towards MattC (no offense taken tho!)

Wow, thanks for all those; as I said, I have the XDA Exec which suffices … Wow, thanks for all those; as I said, I have the XDA Exec which suffices but am thinking along the lines of the E70 or N80.It will be on contract as my current contract is about to expire so I want to put the pressure on :-)Will see what the retention people say.

I have the N80 and use Wi Fi whilst out and about. IMHO it works very well and I enjoy the features of the phone, takes great piccies :santa: Oh and Nokia software can be updated online so you always get the latest fixes :thumbsup:
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