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    My dad was watching some tv shopping channel and they tried to sell this phone for £269.99 but i have found it online for alot cheaper but question is........

    Does it sound like an ok phone????

    Has anyone ever seen or used one??

    Cause i haven't even heard of the make haha


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    lol just on bid tv mate?

    if your dad is looking for that sort of phone...i reccomend something like an xda orbit....there the same setup with windows on and that...bbut without the keyboard

    glofish are well established in the world of PDA/Phones.
    That is a good little solid phone, its £215 on expansys, so that price is very even consider buying one due to price!

    this phone runs windows mobile anyways and the keyboard is very handy.

    However the link provided:

    looks like a bit like an HTC phone to me
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