Mobile Broadband

    Any good?


    This seems good to me.
    I will watch this thread with interest. :thumbsup:

    Thanks for that.
    Do you already have to be with T-Mobile to get this do you know?

    Original Poster

    Hopefully not, because i'm not currently with them.

    I'll probably nip into the TMobile shop round ours tomorrow and see what they say. I'll let you know tomorrow anything I find out.

    Thanks for that.
    If you can get it without "being with them" then that would be really handy for my daughters for when we are on holidays or even at the club we go to sometimes.
    Seems pretty cheap to me ( After the initial outlay of course).

    It just concerned me when I saw..........

    "Shortest commitment - give 30 days notice to cancel your contract"

    on the site.

    Original Poster

    No contract!
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