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    Looking to get mobile broadband as the property i'm sharing doesn't have it and no one is keen on getting broadband. I currently have a mobile contract with orange, and i have "unlimited" data allowance with my phone, but i need something i can hook up to my macbook.

    orange are doing their mobile broadband for £15/month for 3gb allowance, with initial cost of £30

    does anyone know what the best deal for mobile broadband is?


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    o2 is £15/month for 3gb and unlimited wifi but an initial cost of £58 for the modem
    vodaphone is £15/gigabyte
    three seems to be like the best with £15/month for 5gb and only £10 initial cost

    any views on this?

    have you got a neighbour that you could share a wireless connection with?

    have you a phone line?. if so get broadband with orange. i think its only a fiver if you have a contract with them. ive never paid and i have an orange contract. it was free for life at one point.
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