Mobile broadband and online gaming

    Can anyone tell me if I can simply attach a mobile usb modem to directly to an XBOX 360 or PS3? Alternatively would I be able to share the broadband connection from the laptop to either of the consoles?


    whats your limit, I have heard high prices when you go over the limit.

    I don't think it would work either.

    you could connect your laptop to the modem and you xbox to the laptop but i doubt connecting the modem directly to the xbox will work. as blackgerbil1 says check you allowances cause if you go over it could cost you alot.

    You won't be able to connect a modem directly to a console. Operating systems need drivers to be ableto use a bit of hardware. Without the drivers, they're stumped. Xbox360 and PS3 won't have drivers for mobile broadband modems, so that won't work.

    You could connect the modem to the laptop and use the laptop as an internet gateway, but although this would work, it'd be painfully slow. Speed isn't just a case of raw bandwidth, it's a matter of latency (which is to say, the time it takes for a packet of data to be requested and to be sent) too, and mobile broadband is likely to have extremely poor latencies. In online gaming, it's not bandwidth that matters, it's latency. It'd work, but if you're doing anything that requires any sort of interraction with other players (like, racing agains them, shooting them, generally seeing them onscreen) will be painfully bad, since the latency will ensure that their position only gets updated a few times a second. They'll look like they're teleporting around randomly. It'll be rubbish.

    You can not connect direct to your console becase there is no router.

    I use my mobile phone (HSDPA) via mia laptop. you could also use a PC. Your computer acts as the router.

    It will work, BUT although i run at a nice speed of 1.8 meg, (which is great for surfing the net) its not the same as normal broadband.

    Its data packet access, this means the data is downloaded in chunks not constantly like wired broadband. This can result in LAG on certain games. If i play COD4 i will experiance lag in games like team death match, but the smaller matches work fine.

    Hope this helps

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    Thanks for the posts guys, sounds like its a non starter then.

    Yeah, I would agree with the people above - while the bandwidth is actually pretty good I find the unpredictable latency which tends to be all over the place makes gaming pretty much a no-go.

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