Mobile broadband dongle.... HELP PLEASE!!!!

Hello everyone! Im wanting to get a mobile broadband dongle on pay as you go so i can use my laptop on the move. I only need it for general surfing but i was wondering what the best deal was. I wouldnt use it enough to get a pay monthly one. Iv had a look around but cant see anything that stands out. Thanks! xx


I passed an o2 store today and they were offering a half price pay and go dongle for £14 and pennies, not sure what their tariffs are like tho.....

Ive got 3 pay monthly mbb and the coverage is fantastic everywhere I go and I travel to a lot of different placed and not found one yet without at least 3g never mind HSDPA

[SIZE="4"][COLIOR="SeaGreen"]jase, do u have a 3 mobile and have no problems with coverage????..I have a mobile and terrible trouble connecting so tho tempted i darent sign up for mbb:?[/COLOR][/SIZE]

After looking at the PAYG options, I still found it was cheaper for me to go for the orange monthly deal (great coverage by the way). If you have an orange phone (doesnt matter if you dont because you can get a free orange sim card and use that to sign up), then you can pay £4.89 a month, and with Quidco you get £40 back making it about £2.70 a month for 18 months.

Hope this helps.

Must say 3 mobile broadband coverage is VERY poor.. stay clear if possible

Vodafone are selling their PAYG Dongle for £34.95 I'm sure you can still get 10% off. Vodafone top ups are not time limited so when you buy 1MB it is valid until you have used it up, not at the end of 30 days. Would be ideal for you.
If you go via Quidco £10 cashback is available.


Must say 3 mobile broadband coverage is VERY poor.. stay clear if … Must say 3 mobile broadband coverage is VERY poor.. stay clear if possible

Each to their own opinion as personally I find 3 coverage great.

Im away on business tonight and using the 3 mobile BB now and have full bars of HSDPA where as my T Mobile phone has 1 bar and my work Vodafone has zero bars of coverage.

I have less problems with mbb coverage than I do with my two mobiles and regret switching my mobile phone from 3 to T Mobile because of price as its given me much worse coverage overall
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