Mobile Broadband Dongle & Unlocking


    I'm after either an unlocked mobile broadband dongle, or an easily unlocked one, to take away on holiday with me. Ideally, I would use a local (italian) sim card into the dongle.

    I need to pick it up from a store rather than online, as I'm leaving in a couple of days.

    Any suggestions please? Also any reccomended places for unlocking? I've seen a few websites that seem to charge a fair bit, any free-ish places?



    O2's Mobile dongles come unlocked. £20 on PAYGO
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    O2's Mobile dongles come unlocked. £20 on PAYGO

    They dont,the mf100 is the one o2 do now and it is locked,it's going to cost to unlock

    Get a huawei dongle,you can unlock those by code free,zte dongles usually have to be paid for to get unlocked
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