Mobile broadband for netbook

    I don't really know anything about mobile broadband for my netbook, what's involved, what sort of prices would I be looking at and is it something I could do on a short term basis?!

    Bit vague, but if anyone can help and point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated Cheers!


    Is the netbook running Windows? Some run Linux and that can be tricky to setup for some USB mobile dongles.

    You'll need some hardware. Either a USB broadband dongle or a MiFi. A MiFi is wireless (it creates a WiFi hotspot) and therfore easier to place in a position where it gets a good mobile signal. It also allows the internet connection to be shared by several laptops/netbooks. A USB dongle will be much cheaper.

    You also need a SIM with internet access enable. These follow the same payment structure as mobile phones. The choices are typically Prepay, Montly roling contract or PAYG.

    Finally, you need to work out how much 'data' you will need. 1GB (1 gigabyte) will give you about 30 hours of lightweight web surfing (i.e. not using streaming services such a youtube, iplayer, tvcatchup, internet radio etc.)

    There are deals posted here all the time. Here's a random selection of recent deals:
    02 Mobile Broadband - £10 2GB Data 1 month contract - Free Dongle!!!
    T-Mobile Broadband 12 Month Gift Pack £7.67 / month
    3 mobile broadband dongle prepay
    3 PAYG Mobile USB Broadband Dongle (White) £17.98 Delivered @ Maplin

    Original Poster

    Wow, thanks for the comprehensive reply mate, very helpful

    Sadly in response to the first question, yes, it's running Linux! (Acer Aspire One). The connection would only be used by me though, so a dongle would be fine.

    3 mobile broadband works best for me, I get @ 2.5mb download speeds wherever I travel. Been using it for 19 months now.



    3 mobile works best for me - go onto there website and look at offical dongle and broadband deals
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