Need to set mobile broadband up. Dont really know how it works.
Going to get payg. If I buy a cheap usb dongle and insert my own 3 sim into it shall i be able to top it up with credit and surf the net. Or do you have to get a specific internet enabled sim. Is it the same process for all networks. Or should I just buy off service provider. It 's just o2 mbb dongle for payg is £100!!

Do any networks charge reasonable prices for going over limit. Also can you see how much download you have left i.e. like you know how much credit is left on your phone.

Should i go for 02 as they advertise free access to wi fi hot spots. Or do all the newtworks have access to same wi fi hotspots. How does this work? It would be good to use a hotspot and not waste download limit.

In general if anyone is currently using payg mobile broadband and is happy with service and value please recommend me which network to go for.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Not sure about your sim question of using an existing phone sim but id seriously avoid o2.

I switched to them from 3 earlier in the year and o2's 3g coverage was a big disappointment, i travel all over with work and didnt find it to be near 3's in any area at all. In addition 3.5g coverage was next to non existant in any area on o2.

Although i moved back to 3 I just use the internet on my mobile rather than mobile broadband but I would recommend them over the rest as I have a friend who had Vodafone mobile BB and had pretty bad coverage too from what he says

You don't need to get a specific internet enabled sim, but it's going to be a little pricey if you don't get one on a contract - I got my 3 dongle as a part of a promotion - £7.50 p/m on an 18 mth contract for 5gb, which included the dongle. Plus, in the same way mobile phones can be locked, so can dongles - you'd need to get one on the same network, or you'd have to call and probably pay to unlock.

Connection speeds are all right for me on 3, but I suppose that's because I'm mainly travelling around London...

Only O2 has access to the wifi hotspots. I'm not too sure how it works, I'm not on that network.

I got a Vodafone mobile broadband deal (worked out £7.50 per month) for 3gb and speeds up to 7.2mb. To be honest i'm yet to find any decent speed from it at all though, even in areas where I should be getting 3G I get no better than gprs dial up speed.

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