Mobile broadband help needed please.

Found 10th Feb 2018
we are about to move to a property that has no broadband at the moment and I'm looking for the best deal available £ per gig.
I have a router with a SIM card slot so do not need a device just a good deal. hoping not to have to go on a years contract as I doubt we would need it that long. happy to pay well fornthe right deal. our current land line and broadband package is costing £45 so plenty of scope.
Best local signals ee and 3 ( high usage daughter updating overwatch on ps4 ect)

Thanks forbyour time

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forget you will get decent mobile BB with enough data
agree with mattsk. but if you do go ahead, do not buy on a credit card. pay cash for whatever sim you get and keep changing it.
Vodafone were doing landline and bb for £20 (38mbps) and £24 (78mbps).
Virgin also run deals alot of the time you can get 100mbps for around £32. Use Uswitch to compare deals.

I dont agree with mobile bb, the connection can be too innconsistent.
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Three do a 24gb data sim for £40-45 no contract. No matter what, a sim option will be expensive.
Send me a PM, I may be able to help with a short term 4G+ EE Data Only Sim.
Mobile broadband is great nowadays, but it's still not quite there for gamers. Three do a 100GB plan but I think that's a 24 month contract which I'm sure you wouldn't want.

If your daughter is always on the PS4 downloading updates, she'd eat through that in a week or less.
use Three PAYG ad but the unlimited internet add-on for 35. You can tether as much as you like at 4G speeds.I think that is the only way to get fully unlimited tethering, every monthly deal has a tethering restriction.I am using this now.
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I have 3 all you can eat data on my phone but it only allows 30gb Tether
Oh and no phone line to property
mat1uk2 h, 13 m ago

I have 3 all you can eat data on my phone but it only allows 30gb Tether

Excellent, you are close to a solution. Throw that 3 SIM card into any not-so-recent Android handset (probably running Lollipop), install the FoxFi app and FoxFi key, then wifi tether as much as you want from the handset - there is no physical limitation to the amount you can tether via this combination. Job done, until you need to go out and take your (old) phone with you, then your family has no internet...
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