Mobile broadband help please

    We are going on hols for a couple of weeks in summer and son is desperate to take his laptop. The place we are staying at you have problems getting a mobile phone signal and there is no landline phone.

    Would be be possible to get mobile broadband there? As I would only want this facility for a month at the most does anyone know the best company to go with if this is poss? Can anyone give me an idea of cost of usage of this as well as I dont want to face a big bill at end of hols for it.



    The mobile broadband works on the mobile phone network. If you have a bad mobile phone signal there. you're stuffed. If you know which phone network gives the best signal go for that one.

    Check the mobile broadband coverage for the place your going to be staying…tml

    Once you've decided which is going to be the best suited then you'd know better what it would cost,the like of 3 mobile,you could buy a £10 bundle.that should do for the lenghth of your stay,or if o2 has a signal there you could use them at £10 or less cost ,

    Of course your going to need the dongle to put thesim in,if its going to be a one off use for you though might be an idea to see if you could borrow one
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