Mobile Broadband package wanted - Please help?!

    Hello there
    Please could anyone tell me what's a really good mobile broadband package to go for? Would like a free lap top with the deal if possible.
    Many Thanks in advance
    Claire x



    DO NOT USE 3!!!

    They were absoultely rubbish and when i changed from PC to laptop (USB modem stopped working on pc after a few months) i couldnt even get it to install properly on laptop. Customer services are a JOKE and couldnt get my money back as it was contract (still had to pay the remaining years charge) Now using sky wireless internet which is amazing but no free laptop

    3 are the cheapest, but you get what you pay for.

    PC World seem to be doing the laptop free deals, pop in or go on the website.

    Don't get one of the 'free' laptop deals. Work the maths out for yourself, compare how much an equivelent contract bought via PC World or bought direct from Three or whoever (plus, preferably, your TopCashBack bonus) costs.

    I've got Three and find service ok even though the speed isnt the at best at times but it usually works ok ive had Three phones in past and signal was ok with them but there customer service are foreign call centres and a nightmare to understand imo or id kept my phone with them ....thankfully not had to ring with broadband


    I have three also. I've found them better than t-mobile and O2. Cant comment on Voda - never used them!
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