Mobile broadband please can someone explain?

    Following all my virgin problems i need a back up plan! how does mobile broadband work,the pro's the cons and whats best?

    Thanks in advance for any help


    You just stick the dongle in the USB slot.

    Downside is limited GB's or a big bill for going over.

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    You just stick the dongle in the USB slot.Downside is limited GB's or a … You just stick the dongle in the USB slot.Downside is limited GB's or a big bill for going over.

    but just for surfing the net how much or what provider is best to look at? is it a long period contract? sorry i know nothing about mobile bb:oops:

    I have a 3 mobile broadband that i use for when out........they had a deal on a while ago plus quidco. I find it fine for just general browsing.

    Haven't tried the others.

    I use T-mobile pay as you go for when I'm away from home / office. Approx £90 for the USB stick and then just £4 a day for useage - much cheaper than hotel rates. When deciding on which one to go for, the most crucial thing is too see the signal strength offered by each provider in the areas you'll be using it in the most. They all provide a post code checker for this purpose.

    As you're probably aware, mobile broadband uses the mobile network to send and receive your data rather than your phoneline. The main downside is that it's very reliant on signal quality, if you don't have a good signal then you're screwed basically and even then the latency can be variable which can make it unsuitable for online gaming.

    On the whole though I have to say I'm impressed with the mobile broadband package I've been using, even in rural areas I've been getting a decent signal and had a very usable connection where I could browse the net, watch Youtube videos etc.

    I went with 3's PAYG system as I liked the flexibility, I think you only need to pay 45 or so pounds for the modem and then a tenner month for 1GB of data when I need it. I use the package when I'm away from home or my home broadband system is down. If I don't need it any more then it's easy enough just to sell on the modem as there's no contract I'm tied into.


    I'm with vodafone for mobile broadband.

    if i go over i THINK its 4.99 per mb which is a killer, but i think I also read on my tarrif its £15 for GB, which isn't tooo bad..

    EDIT: its 15/GB going over on the 3GB/5GB Bundle and 4.99/mb using abroad.

    Rule no. 1. Don't use abroad..

    I've just signed up to 3 mobile broadband via Quidco. It's £7.50 per month on a 18 month contract and includes 5GB per month and a free USB stick dongle. You get £12.50 through Quidco too.

    Here is the link to Quidco:…ion

    and here is the page on 3 that it takes you to:…005

    Good luck!

    I ordered the 15gb one from 3 yesterday, its half price if you are an existing 3 customer (which i am) so therefore you geat 15gb for £15 per month and quidco tracked at £27.50, also usb dongle is free. Its arriving Saturday so ill check it out at work and c if reception is good. The downside is that its an 18 month contract

    The 5GB version is half price for both new and existing customers

    I am a new customer and got it for half price.

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    wow! thanks all for the helpful input will have a look at the links provided,I wanted to give it to my dad to use too when he is at home (rural area) so need to check out his area for signal strength too

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    gone for the 3 cheap £7.50 a month deal hopefully it will be fine
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