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    hi guys, I'm going to set up a mobile broadband at home for about 2 months or so. Vodafone offers £90 , T-mobile gives £50. All of them sound real good, however i'm a bit confused by the warning from Quidco for the limit contract length:

    VODAFONE : " £90 for mobile broadband
    Please note that the Cashback on the SIM only monthly deal will only be paid once you have had the SIM active for 4 months.This applies to everything in the basket when buying a sim only monthly phone, nothing will validate for 4 months. "

    and T-MOBILE
    £50 for Mobile Broadband 30 day contracts

    Please note that cashback will not be awarded until the SIM has been active for 3 months. Any customers found to be deliberating defrauding T-Mobile for commission payments, will have their commissions removed. "

    I'm afraid that I have to stay with them at least 3 or 4 months to get cashback. Is it right ? If not then this could be a good deal to post. Could anyone help me to find out which deal is better. Thank you very much.


    I looked into mobile broadband and concluded that Vodafone offered the better service in terms of coverage, reliability and speed. T Mobile coverage can apparently be up and down, while 3, who also have good offers through Quidco, really hammer you if you go over your download limit and also have questionable customer service!

    However, the one thing that is in 3’s favour is that their service is free in a number of other countries and as I travel to some of those listed, I will probably try their service. 3 have also recently had some pay as you go offers, so if you only intend to use the service occasionally this may be an option for you.

    Can't give you much advice, except stay away from 3.
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