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    I'm looking for a mobile broadband sim for use in Spain and France (mainly Spain) to use with a dongle or MiFi.

    Is it possible to get these abroad like you can in the UK, like the 3gb sims for £10. I don't mind paying a bit more though.

    Data roaming costs have come down a bit but at £1.32ish per Mb it's still horrifically expensive, I managed to blow £11 worth in 1 day last month.





    Original Poster

    Thanks for the info!

    Still quite expensive though compared to UK data charges.

    It looks like you have to pay for the sim approx £25 (abroadband) up to £75 (spainsim) and then buy a data package of 54 cents per MB or a package for a pre defined time.

    Many thanks.


    I guess the abroadband Would be the cheapest initial outlay. So as long as I don't go crazy i could bring the cost down (excluding initial outlay) to about £4 a day (based on about 10mb per day)
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